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  1. Guns n' Boys: Homicidal Instinct (Book 2) (gay dark mafia erotic romance): Volume 3
  2. Derniers Avis : House of Boys - Page 2
  3. Vicious Boys - LE DEPOT - Club Gay Paris
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Guns n' Boys: Homicidal Instinct (Book 2) (gay dark mafia erotic romance): Volume 3

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Derniers Avis : House of Boys - Page 2

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Vicious Boys - LE DEPOT - Club Gay Paris

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The Haunting of Hill House. Les Nouvelles Aventures de Sabrina. Une famille formidable. Return to Book Page. Preview — Crystal Boys by Pai Hsien-yung. Crystal Boys by Pai Hsien-yung ,. Howard Goldblatt Translator. Crystal Boys is the first Chinese novel on gay themes. A-qing, the adolescent hero, comes from an impoverished family. His father casts him out after learning that his son is gay. A-qing drifts into New Park, a gay hangout in Taipei, and begins his life as a hustler.

He meets other boys living on the street, also forsaken by their families: Little Jade, who is constantly s Crystal Boys is the first Chinese novel on gay themes. Little Jade, who is constantly searching for his unknown father; Mousey, an orphan and petty thief; and Wu Min, a shy tender kid, who attempts suicide when discarded by a middle-aged man.

These four boys become fast friends and are taken under the protection of Chief Yang, a fiftyish gay guru in the Park.

"In a Heartbeat" - A Film by Beth David and Esteban Bravo

The boys begin to build a family of their own. Meanwhile, A-qing meets Dragon Prince, whose passionate and faithful love for Phoenix Boy has become a legend of the Park The second part of the novel deals with the Cozy Nest, a gay bar run by Chief Yang, where the boys and other homosexual exiles have found refuge.

Le pacte de sang

The bar is sponsored by Papa Fu, whose young soldier son had shot himself when his homosexuality was exposed. In Taiwan, the gay community is known as the buoliquan , literally "glass community," while the individuals are called "glass boys" or "Crystal Boys. A film, Outcasts , based on the novel and directed by Yu Kan-Ping is currently available in the United States on video cassette subtitled. Get A Copy.

Hardcover , pages. Published December 1st by Prentice Hall first published More Details Original Title.